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Smurf History that most people don't know

Ok it all starts out in Germany were papa smurf and his village of smurfs live. I guess we could start about smurfette, we all think she was made by Gargamel like in the cartoon but smurf schollers have proven that smurfette is actully the queen of the surmfs, this was proven by the finding of Grandma smurf. See a female show up every so many years and that is the queen this explains why she never does not work. Ok well that's all for smurfette I just wanted to clear that up. Were do smurfs come from well no on knows for sure except that they just appear under a leaf in the forest and the closest village takes them in. To get to smurf village is impossible unless a smurf takes you to it and fat chance of that happening they are too busy doing other things. We all know that the smurfs are German right well were do they live now, the answer is Seattle Washington. See after Gargamel's death (of old age) one of his decendants successfully destroyed a whole village of smurfs not the one we know and love but he did take out a whole damn village. So Papa smurf knew that the village wasn't safe anymore so after travelong all over Europe they heard of America and made their way there settling in Seattle were they now live. So becarefull were you step cause there just may be a smurf below you and if you find one listen to him because they have a lot to say
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Who Knew The Smurfs had a Number 1 Album in the UK and Germany!

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